Fox Mustang

A-Arm Rebuild

Due to the amount of cost and work it takes to do an a-arm rebuild, swapping bushings and ball joints, you can’t beat the price of a set of new Ford Racing arms with the low friction ball joints and stiffer bushings (part # M-3075-A). However, if you’re a glutton for punishment (as I seem to be), and you’re dead set on the improved geometry afforded by a set of offset bushings, prepare your self. Now, it probably would have gone a lot quicker and smoother had I worked on a cooler day, but I couldn’t change the weather and I was anxious to get the car to the next autocross. Continue reading

Fabricating a Rear Seat Delete Kit

In an effort to lighten up the interior I’d removed all sound deadening, as well as the rear seat. For what it’s worth, the 93 Cobra R was sold without a rear seat, which makes this a legal modification for autocrossing my car in Street Prepared. The 93 R had a simple piece of carpet covering the rear seat area, but I wanted something a little bit more sanitary looking. Off to eBay I went, and ordered a set of Betr Rear Seat Delete (RSD) plans from MyPonyHauls. Continue reading

Gutting a Fox’s Innards

As the Mustang takes another step toward becoming a dedicated autocrosser and loses it’s status as a semi-daily driver, certain niceties are no longer a necessity. A little extra road and engine noise, a little extra heat, and the option of hauling around more than a single passenger become less of an issue. Insulation, sound deadening and the rear seat are sacrificed in an attempt to make this car compete for Biggest Loser. So, what’s it all weigh? Continue reading

Big Brake Swap

Swapping big brakes onto a Fox is nothing new. Most people swap over the front and rear brakes off an sn95 and are done. In my particular case, I had a 94/95 V6/GT booster and master cylinder, 94/95 V6/GT spindles and hubs, and a complete SVO rear brake setup laying around. When I ended up with a set of sn95 Cobra rotors and calipers, I went ahead with my swap. Continue reading

AOD to T5: A 12 Step Program

I originally purchased my 92 GT with a bad AOD, with the intention of dropping in a DOHC modular motor and 4R70W transmission. To get the car going as a short-term solution, I was going to have the AOD rebuilt on the cheap. When a “friend-of-a-friend” deal went south and the jackass disappeared with my AOD and his cell phone was cut off, the car ended up sitting. After I decided to unload my CP autocross project, I realized I still wanted something I could autocross. Considering the parts I had lying around, making the GT an ESP car, as uncompetitive as it might be, was a great low-buck solution. Continue reading

The GT is Coming Along

The front clip and left front fender are replaced, and only need a little more aligning and tightening to be finished. The jackass that sold me the fender said it was a later GT fender, but it turned out to be the earlier model. I had to do a little impromptu fender modification to get the GT front skirt extension to mount. Admittedly not the best work, but it’s a quick fix, otherwise the fender would have been useless to me.