Christmas Classic Autocross – December 7, 2008


The previous owner had bypassed the heater core and I’ve never fixed it, so the day started with me driving down the street poking my head out the window because I couldn’t see through the fogged windshield with the temperature in the 40s. A few miles down the road we made a quick stop by the coffee shop, then we were on the road to Zachary.

Although it did warm up a bit as the sun came out, it was still cold and there was a small turn out. Props to the CenLa folks for still running a smooth event, even though it was almost cancelled due to lack of volunteers.

Did I mention it was chilly? Well, the first thing of note was how little grip there was. The two driver cars definitely benefited from the extra heat in the tires – it wasn’t until my 4th and 5th runs that my car had more than wet weather traction. Also, after having put a few miles on the car and breaking the brakes in, the bias was all out of whack – the fronts were locking up way too easily. Every run I added a little more rear bias, the course warmed up, the tires got a little heat in them, and I got a little faster.

There isn’t a whole lot more to say about this event. I simply had an off day and couldn’t put together a decent run.

More videos:

Car Setup
Unless specified, parts are stock on a well-used 128k mile high option 92 GT.
Subframe Connectors: Maximum Motorsports XL Full-length
Strut Tower Brace: Ford Racing 3pt (93 Cobra R spec)
Weight Reduction: Removed sound deadening and tar from interior
Springs: H&R Race f / BBK r
Struts/Shocks: Koni SA Sport struts f / Koni DA Sport shocks r
Brakes: sn95 13″ (93 Cobra R spec) f / SVO r, sn95 booster/mc, Maximum Motorsports stainless front lines and bias knob
Brake Pads: Hawk HP Plus f / Porterfield R4S r
CC Plates: Maximum Motorsports
Alignment: 0 toe, -1.5 camber, and ? caster (it used to be 1.22, but is now a bit more than that – didn’t get the exact numbers after alignment, but whatever it is, it’s maxed out)
Wheels/Tires: 17×9 Bullitt replicas w/S197 offset, 1/2″ Maximum Motorsports spacers (f), ARP studs, Sumitomo HTRZ II 255/40s
Intake: BBK cold air/filter kit
Exhaust: Unknown shorties, 2.5″ h-pipe, and Flowmaster 2 chamber cat back (and some really stupid LX tailpipes modified to work with the GT rear facia)
Rear: Fresh Trac-loc w/carbon fiber clutches and 3.27 gears
Gauges: Assorted “boy racer” gauges: oil pressure and water temp in pod on a-pillar, Monster tach remounted to the side of the gauge cluster housing on the dash.
Seats: Corbeau VX 2000 f / rear seat delete (93 Cobra R spec)