Gutting a Fox’s Innards

As the Mustang takes another step toward becoming a dedicated autocrosser and loses it’s status as a semi-daily driver, certain niceties are no longer a necessity. A little extra road and engine noise, a little extra heat, and the option of hauling around more than a single passenger become less of an issue. Insulation, sound deadening and the rear seat are sacrificed in an attempt to make this car compete for Biggest Loser. So, what’s it all weigh?

Lower back seat: 11lbs
Lower seat bracket and seat belts: 8.5lbs
Upper back seat assembly and attached carpet: 30lbs
Sound deadening (under carpet and behind rear hatch side panels): 25.5lbs
Tar: 11lbs
TOTAL: 86lbs

86 pounds isn’t too bad for an afternoon’s work. And while I’ve done tar removal before, this time isn’t wasn’t so bad – it all came up pretty easily.