Cool Tool: Pneumatic Cleaning Gun

Always on the lookout for tools that make my wrenching easier, I ran across this Campbell Hausfeld cleaning gun at Summit Racing. It was less than $15 and looked pretty cool, so I decided to give it a shot.

Working on cars is always much easier and much more pleasant when everything is clean. Before doing a little tuning on the old Mustang, I decided to give the engine a much needed bath. You hook the tool up to your air supply, then drop the siphon hose into a bucket of your cleaning solution (I used a half bucket of water with about 1 cup of Simple Green).

The amount of pressure the wand produces is much less than a pressure washer can dish out – I was hoping for a bit more pressure. Also, the siphon hose is a bit on the short side. However, the amount of fluid that is blown is relatively small, even when adjusted to the maximum. More than enough solution comes out for the job, and it’s actually quite nice because you don’t get all that back splash, so you can stay completely dry if you’re careful.

How well does it work?

These pictures don’t quite do the before and after justice. The improvement is remarkable. Especially considering I didn’t do one lick of scrubbing.

Two things I would do different next time; I would soak the areas of heavily deposited baked on oil with a good engine cleaner first, and I would use hot water in the bucket to help cut through the grease.

I’d rate it maybe a C+. I’m going to find a much longer piece of tubing for the siphon hose so I don’t have to drag the bucket around, and it’ll bump it up to at least a B+. If it was able to produce a slightly stronger stream (I’ll try cranking the pressure up at my compressor), I’d give it an A. Overall, for the price, I think it’s an excellent buy, and a great addition to any set of pneumatic tools.